How to Use a Tree to Make Your House Design Unique

How to Use a Tree to Make Your House Design Unique

When it comes to log furniture, one of the best things you can do is to incorporate a living tree into your home design! It is the ultimate in sustainable and eco-friendly furniture design, not only does it look beautiful but it's living and breathing. When it comes to log homes and log cabins, it is popular to incorporate all sorts of log beams and log posts into your log home and log cabin designs. But imagine having a living tree in your log home or house design, it doesn't get much better than that. When you use log beams in your log home design, you can use them as log furniture to be used as benches, chairs, and tables. A living tree as log furniture is more of a totem idea, representative of the forest, nature. If there were large branches, you could use them to sit as log furniture.

Years ago I lived in a log cabin in the rainforest that was built by German organic farmers who raised goats. They also made their own goat's feta cheese, the best I've ever tried. The tiny cabin I lived in was built completely by hand, without the use of power tools. The tiny cabin did have electricity but no running water, just a citrine that would fill up from the main house on the property. This tiny house was incredible, and surrounded by the most beautiful forests, large ferns and close enough to the ocean that you could smell the ocean breeze. The owner of the tiny cabin also lived in a tiny cabin, one of three on the property. The cabin that he built for him and his wife had a living tree growing through it, the tree was quite large, the house was a tiny house. It wasn't called that at the time, but when I saw it, I just couldn't believe it. It was beautiful; their tiny house was simple and quite magical. It was like nothing as I'd ever seen before.

You don't have to live in a rustic tiny house in the middle of the rainforest to incorporate a living tree piece of log furniture into your home design; you could do it wherever you live, from the suburbs to the rainforest, the mountain or the country. Log furniture can look great in a modern home, it's all in how you use it, like rustic and contemporary, modern and antique, it's all in how you make it your own.

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