Lighted Cracked Log Lamps

Lighted Cracked Log Lamps

You will want to take a closer look at these beautiful Lighted Cracked Log Lamps. These lighted cracked log lamps are created by legally blind artist, Duncan Meerding. Meerding is from Tasmania, and he is a log furniture designer who loves the wilderness. Most of his log furniture designs are inspired by nature and the way light surrounds its forms. These unique pieces of diy outdoor furniture and log furniture are his most popular pieces of work. The simple log furniture design whose natural cracks emit a soft, warm light are beautiful and would look good inside or outside. Meerding, who is legally blind, has about 5 percent of his vision in his peripheries, so the use of light in his log furniture designs helps him communicate on how he sees the world.

Many of his log furniture designs reflect his interest in light and how it is disperced, through simple forms and different lighting log furniture designs. At his design school, he learned to adapt to his blindness by feeling the grain of the wood and then listening to hear when his chisels would stop cutting properly. When creating his log furniture designs he works with a speaking tape measure that he calls his old mate. The cracked log furniture lamps, along with most of his other pieces of log furniture designs and diy outdoor furniture are sourced from sustainable materials as he hopes to preserve the wilderness that he loves so much. These log furniture designs are beautiful and inspiring diy furniture.

The use of more wood for construction, log furniture, diy furniture and diy outdoor furniture is an easy and natural way to make a difference in the environment. Log furniture helps to reduce the greenhouse gasses and help to store carbons. Using wood that is obtained from a healthy forest that is sustainable is a readily available solution to climate change. On average, an acre of healthy growing trees can absorb almost three tons of carbon dioxide and releases close to 2 tons of oxygen. Using wood for log furniture and diy outdoor furniture is better than using synthetic building materials. The use of wood for log furniture is good for your health, as long as the wood is not treated with anything that is toxic. Log furniture and diy outdoor furniture made of wood is a good way to help both the environment and yourself live a more green lifestyle.

Log Furniture, diy furniture and diy outdoor furniture made of wood is a style and type of rustic furniture that incorporates the use of whole logs, timber and branches in its design. Log Furniture designs are often strong and long lasting, depending on the type of construction methods used. Log furniture, along with other types of diy outdoor furniture can be a rustic furniture designed with reclaimed wood and logs. Log furniture styles and decor, along with reclaimed wood furniture is more popular than ever before. These types of furniture are great for decorating all sorts of homes from log homes, mountain lodges, country homes, log cabins to modern homes. . You will find more economical lines of log furniture that are typically milled by machine and massed produced while those shoppers who are looking for unique style may opt for the most expensive collections of handcrafted one of a kind log furniture. You can combine log furniture and diy outdoor furniture with modern pieces of furniture for a layered look. This site is an amazing place to find all sorts of popular trending stories and photographs from all around the world. You will find all sorts of stories and trending topics on a variety of things from home, art, photography, and more. *

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