The Best Way to Make Your Log Cabin Interior 100% Unique

The Best Way to Make Your Log Cabin Interior 100% Unique

This fireside square coffee table set is the perfect addition to any log cabin fireplace sitting area. This log furniture is hand crafted in Minnesota, with a square cedar log coffee table that features hand peeled cedar log construction and beautiful, unique traits that can only be achieved by hand peeling cedar. Some of the unique log furniture details include details like cat eye burrs, knots, bug tracking, fire scars and other natural features designed by mother nature. This is the best kind of furniture to furnish your log cabin or log home design; it compliments the natural wood building materials perfectly. This log furniture coffee table set include a 34-inch square table and two open end tables. This log furniture design is finished with a standard clear coat catalyzed lacquer finish or Armor urethane for extra strength and durability. The wood used in this log furniture design is Northern White Cedar Logs that are hand peeled to accentuate their natural character and beauty. Each end table and coffee table log furniture design is unique and are individually hand crafted.

Log furniture is the type of log house style and rustic furniture that incorporates the use of whole logs and branches into design. Log furniture is often very durable and long lasting, depending on the log furniture construction methods used. Log furniture, along with other types of rustic furniture and reclaimed wood furniture have increased in popularity in recent years. As a result, you will find many more log furniture styles, designs and log house decor available for people wanting to furnish their log houses, log house construction, log house packages, prefab log cabin homes, log home floor plans and country homes. You will find more cost effective lines of log furniture that are usually milled by machine and then massed produced while those shoppers who are looking for unique styles of log furniture may opt for the most expensive log furniture collections of handcrafted one of a kind log furniture.

Another popular type of furniture design that looks good alongside log furniture is reclaimed wood furniture. You will see reclaimed wood furniture design also used in log houses, log house packages, log homes floor plans, small log cabins and small log homes. Reclaimed lumber is simply wood that has already been processed, and that is retrieved from its original use to be used in another building project later. Reclaimed or antique lumber is used mainly for log house decoration and log house construction. You may find reclaimed wood also used for log house siding, log house packages cabinetry, architectural details, log house furniture, and flooring.

This is just one of the log furniture designs you will find on "The Log Furniture Store" site. This is the place to look if you are hoping to furnish your log home or log cabin design. Log furniture also looks good in more contemporary and modern designs of homes. Some of the log furniture designs you will find here include bathroom designs, bedroom furniture, dining room log furniture, and more. Along with living room log furniture designs, office log furniture designs, game room log furniture and more. You will also find log beds, rustic log kitchen cabinets, and islands, log dining room furniture, log chairs, log benches, log stools and so much more. *

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